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About Steve

Steve Swetich is a Michigan-based marching band drill designer and teacher.

Designer, Writer, Educator

Throughout my adult life the performing arts have played a major role in shaping who I am. Competitive environments have always brought out the best in me. Being a visual and show designer, drill writer, teacher, and all that comes with it is the right combination to put my best qualities on display. 

I love working with people, especially new people. Having been around and being able to do what I do for as long as I have, I understand that working well with not just the directors and staff, but also the invested parents and students is the foundation of making what we do in the performing arts a memorable and healthy experience.

My performance experiences mirror that of most visual designers. I marched with a variety of ensembles (The Cavaliers, Bluecoats, North Coast Academy, Dutch Boy) and have been on instructional staff with names that you may recognize (The Madison Scouts, The Boston Crusaders, The Woodlands HS, Legends, Blue Stars, Lake Orion HS). And each of those experiences that I have had resulted in memories that shape the way I interact with the world. As a result, every page of drill, count of choreography, and program I design is meant to create the best memories for everyone involved: students, staff, parents, and community. And I would love to get the chance to dream big together. 

Passion for the Performing Arts

For all of the benchmarks that I meet in the performing arts I also come with a specific background that is harder to find in your designers. My training is not just in music and music education-related environments, but also in the fine arts, philosophy, and non-profit management. My educational background in Film, Philosophy, and Literature all inform my designing, instruction, and adjudication. This is my job and my calling. 

Many people who one can hire are oftentimes band directors or full-time employees in different fields who have a ton of other responsibilities that aren’t meeting the needs of the people who hire them. By going with me, our relationship is my job and my schedule and drive reflect that. I take incredible pride in never having had a band wait on me for drill or production materials throughout my career as a designer.

Above all, I want to be a part of something exciting, memorable, and healthy. I can be a small part or a big part of your plans, but whichever role I can play I will put everything I have into making it all come together.

Get to Know Steve

Originally from Michigan, I grew up loving movies, music, and of course watching my siblings perform in marching band. After obtaining my BA (honors) in Cinema Studies and English Literature from Oakland University, I moved to the United Kingdom to get my MA in Film and Philosophy from King’s College London. This is where I feel I became the person I am today, and also where I developed my love of foxes.  Marching band returned to my life when I moved to Houston, Texas where band once again entered my life with my time at The Woodlands HS. I then returned to Michigan where I began teaching Screen Writing and Philosophy at Kalamazoo Valley Community College. Kalamazoo is also where I met my incredible wife, Amanda. We were married in 2021. Together, we established and have grown a performing arts nonprofit organization, Perfect Storm Performing Arts. Which operates Vortex Percussion (PIA) and Avalanche Winter Guard. I am a big Detroit Lions fan and all the things that come with that. I’m an avid golfer, trivia enthusiast, and cinema goer.  Positivity surrounds my life and what I do brings me joy. I feel incredibly lucky to get to grow with positivity and share that with others. If you’ve made it to this part of my website, perhaps I can get to know you as well. 

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