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A great performance is a result of great relationships by the people who are making them. I like to prioritize building a productive relationship with the directors and staff at every group I write for.  

I understand every group is different. Whether the drill designer in your program is someone who is heavily involved or just a trusted individual to execute a list, I have experience at all levels of investment.

I provide any and all resources that you believe will make students successful. UDB, charts, coordinates, videos. My drills often come with detailed notes on intent, focus, suggestions for methods to manipulate the eye of the spectator, and options to work outside of the written chart. 

Making a decision who you want writing your drill, especially for the first time, is a “leap of faith”.  That’s why I make it clear that my clients have faith that:

1. Drill will be delivered on time.

2. Drill will be entirely custom to fit their requests.

3. The rate will fit within your program’s budget.


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Custom Tailored to Your Band's Identity

Every page of drill I write is 100% custom and direct from me. I don’t write under any big names and my client list is small. You won’t have to worry about being 1 of 20 bands on my list. I keep a low and intimate profile, allowing me to invest more time into those that come to me. When you call, I answer. It’s all centered on my philosophy to build a relationship with the directors and staffs that take the time to invest in me and my work. When you hire me, that’s a gesture of trust – a trust that I can provide your students with a great experience. I will invest in you, your students, and your community the same way you are investing in me. Let’s create an identity together.


Want to try me out for the first time?

I know when band directors hire a drill designer, especially for the first time, it is natural to be nervous about rewrites. I know that things change. This is why I do not charge for any drill rewrites for any ensemble bringing me on for the first time.


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