Steve Swetich

Program Coordinator | Drill Designer | Choreographer | Educator


Program Coordination


Putting it all together, and trusting someone to do so can be a tall task. After all, when it comes to props, costumes, flags, artwork, tarps, and music, that can be daunting even before you have to think about how it is all supposed to come together in a cohesive way. The best feeling I get is when I hear spectators rave about the artwork, props, and costumes of my groups. 

I work closely with industry professionals to make my ensembles stand out every year so my clients don’t have to. The companies and artists I work with know just where to start, develop, and finish your ideas on time and on budget. Be it props, vinyl prints, flags, costumes, or more, I have you covered.  

In recent years, my custom and collaborative show designs have competed against, and beaten bands that hire some of the biggest names in the activity. Even on a fraction of the budget. I’ve accomplished this by prioritizing one thing: dreaming bigger. Let’s dream big together on your next show. 

Judging and Remote Consultation

Exposing myself to a variety of styles and trends is a critical part of keeping up with the marching arts. That is why I prioritize time to provide feedback and thoughts to other ensembles. I currently judge locally in Michigan in all visual captions such as effect, performance, ensemble, and color guard.

Along with that, I’m aware that the marching arts is a process of problem solving. If you want a fresh set of eyes on your production at any stage in the process, I am always available to provide a detailed, objective, and affordable feedback.

Need an experienced judge to work in your circuit? Contact me for a sample of a judges tape in your preferred caption.


When watching a band show, it is hard to have a band’s choreography stand out to you as ‘different’. I take a lot of pride in my record of providing memorable body work to be received by audience and judges alike. This is the activity that sparked a lifelong passion for dance and movement that I pursued beyond my performing years. Specifically hip-hop, which has translated to my work choreographing for winds and percussion. 

Looking to fill out your production with unique choreography for your winds and drums? Talk to me about how we can make this part of your show memorable and fun. 

Visual Instruction

I believe that the visual side of the pageantry arts is an opportune and safe environment to learn one’s mental, physical, and emotional limitations. My training programs reflect that philosophy and as a result have produced strong marchers and critical thinkers. My approach with students movement is to always prepare them mentally for the rigors of performance environments, adversity, and life challenges. I like to think the essence of the marching arts happens in the visual caption.

My training programs challenge the usual standards seen in our activities. By prioritizing the idea that every group can find success their own way, I believe that the journey of becoming good at something doesn’t have to be boring or overly repetitive. 

I have worked as instructional staff with BOA Grand National Finalists, Super Regional Finalists, DCI World Class Finalists, and countless students learning for the very first time. My philosophy of being adaptive, creative, and responsive transcends each environment. If you are in need of a clinic with your students or staff training in this area, get in touch!

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